Why Using a VPS is a Better Deal Than Using a Dedicated Server

I develop my own custom software to run my website. I have used a few off-the-shelf applications to run my older websites, and I still do make use of a core of a content management system, but the operational plugins that control how my customers receive and interact with the data I sell is all done through proprietary software that I write myself. For my hosting I use a Seattle VPS provider. I got away from shared servers back in the early days. For the websites I have dedicated servers can be a bit too pricey. Using Virtual Private Servers is a better option for me.

The websites themselves do not have any single one that is getting a huge load of traffic. If one did, then it might justify the expense of a dedicated server. Right now my best use of resources is to keep using the Seattle VPS provider that I currently use. I was happy when the technology developed to allow VPS systems in the first place. To have multiple instances of an operating system running on one computer where each user can basically have their own private server on a computer along with other people who can have them too is awesome.

I can’t tell that I am on a VPS. I have the speed, full root access and can even reboot my virtual server without having any effect on the others and their own VPSs on the computer we are assigned to. This is great for advanced web developers who need to have full access to everything on the server that is hosting their websites without having to have the full expense of running off of a dedicated server. This advancement in technology has allowed me to be able to earn my full living with just a few Internet ideas and some coding experience.

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