Why does the government reward people on benefits for having kids?

  1. They have given rise to a new kind of dirtbaggery I call baby farming. Men who have never worked a day in their lives get together with several likeminded scumbag ladies, and he gets them all pregnant, and 9 months later after theyve pooped out that harvest of babies he comes back to plant the next batch. 20 years and 200 babies later they are all being given 100000+ a year by the government, paying a nanny and living in luxury villas.

    Answer by Concerned Liberal
    Rewarding bad bahavior and punishing good behavior is what liberalism is all about.

  2. McCanns just signed rental agreement on gated luxury villa in Praia da Luz. The property is worth millions. Are they too famous for their middle class apartment.

    Poor Maddie. She didnt deserve such bad parents.

    Answer by R-T
    and where did you hear this?

  3. I just brought into a new seaside resort complex that offers vacationers luxury villas. Its available for rent daily, weekly, or longer. Im now working on some marketing strategies, which will help make my customers more comfortable and willing to visit. I need your help.

    What pricing strategy do you recomment for the resort complex that would maximize the occupancy?

    What recommendations for pricing tactics or how to implement the strategy fo you have?

    Answer by ralph
    Depends on your goals. A luxury product is priced more on what the market will bear. What are similar products selling for and what features do they have? If you discount your product you are at risk of losing the high end shoppers because if it is cheap it must not be good.

    That being said, cost plus and yield mgnt are similar. You need to know your costs in order to know what effect renting a room will have on the bottom line. You have fixed and variable costs. The airlines sell some seats at high prices and some just above the cost of fuel. Empty seats do no good but selling the seats at less than the cost of fuel does not work either. Find out how much it costs to clean the room and process the customer and that should be your lowest price unless you are trying to penetrate the market.

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    The problem with using a penetration price to sell luxury goods is you will not be able to raise the price later. The customers you attract will be looking for deals and they will not visit when you raise the price.

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