Training Employees and Better Quality Service

Moving to a new city is always difficult. Finding utility and services in a larger city can be especially difficult as I usually will do all sorts of price checking before deciding on who I want to choose as my provider. Imagine my surprise, however, when I came across the cable provider Suddenlink rather than the typical Comcast or Time Warner. I was totally prepared to call either of them since they seem to be the only choice or the ‘best’ choice in whichever city I find myself making roost for the time. Imagine my continued surprise after they turned out to be a pretty great company.

There’s not many reasons to say that these days. There is a lot of hate against those larger companies who have amassed millions of customers, no doubt putting some serious stress on their employees as well. I actually worked very briefly for one of those larger companies and while the pay was reasonable, the volume of valls that I had to handle every single day was enough to make me dread coming into work especially when so many customers were calling in angry. That’s the worst! I’m glad I never had to call a rep with this new company.

It’s difficult finding high quality customer care. It’s almost an art form that needs to be taught in classes that will last longer than just a few weeks which is probably the typical training time of your average rep. That would cost them quite a bit of money though and I doubt many cable providers are willing to spend that sort of cash on an employee who may end up quitting thanks to the psychological stress that they are asked to deal with every single day. It would be hard on anyone no matter their skill.

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