The Scourge of the Grey Geese

There are few things in this world as dangerous as a twenty pound terror with wings. It’s a well documented military strategic fact that air superiority is the most effective method for an application of power. This is why geese are such a deadly enemy of mankind. You laugh now but this isn’t a joking matter. In 2012 a man in Chicago was killed by a Swan when the beast forced him from his kayak and into the dark waters until he drowned. Bird control in NJ is absolutely necessary if we want to curtail these beasts from our cities.

There’s also the concern of Avian Flu. This horrible, deadly scourge of the Asian Pacific was one of the worst outbreaks to hit a livestock in modern memory. From the forced culling of millions of avian livestock it quickly crossed the human-bird immune system boundary which infected thousands of humans across the planet. If it wasn’t caught in its early stages it would quickly lead to death, becoming one of the worst global flu pandemics since the Spanish Flu. We’re only lucky that we hadn’t been involved in a world war like those that had suffered through the Spanish Flu; Avian Flu could have been far worse.

Geese and other birds simply cannot be allowed to overtake a city. Without the help from those brave souls who seek out to rid our beautiful parks from these deviously deadly creatures we would not be able to stroll through them. Take it from me; they will charge anyone for reasons that most of us cannot even fathom. The strange instinctive impulses that control the behavior of basic animals like geese and other birds is a foreign, if not alien behavior to humans. They’ll attack both men and our pets alike with unreserved violence.

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