Sewer Line Clogged After Heavy Rains

You think it is annoying if a water main breaks and the water company has to shut the water off for a day? Well, try having sewer water back up into your basement because you sewer is clogged. That is not only annoying, it is downright disgusting. I was wading in ankle deep water in the basement because the sewer was clogged while the kids were showering in the morning and the washer was running. Mixed in with that water was the morning toilet flushes. That is just plain gross! I called for sewer cleaning in Rockland County NY to come out and fix it. I had no idea the sewer line was clogged until I went downstairs to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer.

I was surprised to find the floor covered in water with some stuff that was left on the floor floating. The water was about four inches deep. The sewer cleaners used one of those commercial spring things they call a drain snake to clear the clog. When they hit whatever it was that was causing the clog, the water began to quickly rush down the drains. You could hear it making gurgling and slurping sounds while it was draining. There was a whole lot of water to go down the drain. Whatever had caused the clog was completely washed away in the rush. The camera inspection did not show any trace of the clog and no apparent damage to the sewer line all the way out to the street.

The only thing we could figure was that it had been raining very heavily the last few days, and some of the sewers were so inundated with storm runoff that water was coming up out of the manhole covers. We think that maybe some debris back washed into our sewer line and got stuck. After all, the drain did not clear until enough of the drain snake was used to reach the street. I was just glad it was not a collapsed sewer line that would require digging to repair.

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