My Friends and I Bought Some Land

Jacob, Bert and I have bought a nice piece of land in the mountains. It is about 15 acres, but it is on the South face of a pretty decent sized mountain between Asheville NC and Black Mountain NC. We talked to a couple of guys who run their own tree service in Asheville NC about what it would cost to clear off parts of the land for a bigger lodge. Right now it has a little cabin on it. The story we have is that this was built about forty years ago and it was obviously used for a hunting lodge. The place has a collection of vintage beer bottles, although a lot of them have been victim of target practice rounds. We are going to have to clean up that sort of thing, there is quite of bit of junk which has collected up there. At some point a pick up truck was abandoned up there. It had a camper shell on it and was apparently used as a storage shed. At this point it looks pretty bad and there is not any way to get rid of it without a roll up wrecker. It does not have any sort of wheels that would roll and you can be sure it’s going to have to be carried out of there. We have tried to figure out where the best place to build is going to be. The idea is to build a split level structure. So you would have to dig a basement into the side of the mountain. You have to dig and hope that you do not strike a lot of rock. We were wondering if you can get something which could detect the rocks under the ground. That way you could determine which site is best for digging.

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