Just Moved in with Anna

Anna did not have to work too hard to convince me to leave the place that I was staying in and move in with her. She has a good job and a rich Dad, he is like an oral surgeon I think you call it. At any rate she has a place in one of the nicest Columbia SC apartment complexes that I have seen. She has a two bedroom place at the Arbor Apartments at Windsor Lake. Of course one of the rooms is her office and that is what she calls her World Wide Headquarters. She writes off her internet as a business expense and charges her company rent on that one room of the apartment, which is sort of cute so long as you can get away with it. Of course a lot of people abuse that deduction so the home office can only be used for that purpose. You can not put a treadmill or anything like that in there if you want to call it an office.

This place has a nice gym though and I like that a lot. I can get up early and go workout, then come back to the place and shower before I leave for work. I like the location here pretty well. It is not that far from where I am working now and also central to a lot of the places where we go. Of course the big thing is that I am not being asked to pay rent. Of course that comes at a price, because Anna is not going to hide the fact that she is going to make the rules here and I am going to follow them. She really likes to be be the boss and it does not bother me to tell the truth.

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