Going Online Rather Than Offline

I was thinking about setting up a Windows server at home so I could have a place to put my files other than on my computer, when a friend of mine suggested a better idea that would take less time. He said I should look into finding a VPS and paying for one of those. The VPS would be already available for access as soon as I paid for it, so I wouldn’t have to do any work to make any special configurations and go through all kinds of troubleshooting. Also I wouldn’t have to worry about powering it, because it would be done by someone else.

I looked online for some decent prices from VPS providers and chose one that looked affordable. As soon as I bought a year of service from the VPS, I was able to start putting files on it. The VPS had a special system where I could download a tool and just drag and drop files from my computer onto a folder. Anything located in this folder would be automatically uploaded to the VPS and later deleted. You can adjust the settings further to only upload at certain times during the day, or upload at a certain speed, so the up[load process won’t interfere with you regular Internet usage.

In the first day of using the VPS, I uploaded nearly 100GB of files. These files had been on my computer for quite a while, and eventually I just stopped caring about getting rid of them. I still have nearly half a terabyte of files to upload. I probably won’t have that much used space on my hard drive in a long time, because I don’t download files as much as I used to back in college. I guess I can start downloading some movies or games.

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