Getting Our Store Started on a Shoestring Budget

We were operating on a shoestring budget for our new store. It cost us a small fortune to remodel the retail space inside, and we had not even touched the outside landscaping yet. There were some trees and perennials at the edge of the property with lots of mulch and grass. The location has not been used for three years, so it was in disarray outside. We had the pavement sealed and hired a company that does tree pruning in Queens County, NY to trim the trees. We did the mulch and cut the grass ourselves. We would hire a landscaping service after we opened and were turning a profit.

The tree trimming turned out well. None of the trees were lost. The outside was looking as good as it did when the building was new. Most of the remodeling was confined to the interior to sell our modern upscale product line. The sealed pavement and new parking lines helped make everything look fresh and clean outside. When the freshly pruned trees bloomed, it looked perfect. We were actually thinking of pruning the trees ourselves, but I am glad we did not do that. I saw the care the workers put into trimming them to get the perfect look. If I had had a hand in it, they would have been all lopsided. I probably would have cut them back too far trying to even them out too.

We decided to stick with the things we knew we could do to save money. We were able to redo the mulch and cut the grass. That did not take an expert. I have a lot of experience with mulching and grass cutting going back to my teenage years. We were able to open on time in spite of our shoestring budget for getting the store going. Once we got all of our licensing and permits in order, the trees had their leaves on them. We then hung our grand opening sign and started for our first store.

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