A Magician with a Lot of Personality

I am not the kind of parent that has to outdo other parents. If someone has a pizza birthday party for their child, I am not going to top that with something even tastier. However, I am the type of parent who wants my child to be as happy as possible. That is why I wanted to make my son’s birthday party really nice for not only him but his friends too. When I first heard about a kids party magician for Brisbane, I knew that I wanted to find out more to see if this was something that would be appropriate for children.

I wanted to make sure it was going to be about magic tricks and nothing about sorcery, because I thought that would confuse the kids a lot. I went online and was able to read some reviews though, and I knew that he was going to be the right fit for my son’s party. There were quite a lot of reviews from people who have had the pleasure of being in the crowd at one of the magician’s shows, and he was entertaining not only for the kids but even the adults that were present too!

That takes a special entertainer who can bridge such a gap in age to make everyone laugh, so I knew I wanted him. In addition to 15 kids, there would also be about 30 adults because I have a pretty large family and all of his aunts and uncles would be there as well. The day of the party, the magician did even better than I expected. His tricks were really great, he interacted a lot with the kids, and he had all of us laughing pretty hard at some of his stories. I would say that it was definitely a success!

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