Moving to Orlando Was the Warmest Idea We Had to Rid Ourselves of the Winter Blues

When I was young I could take long winters. I did not think much about them. Then the cold started to bother me. However, what really got to me was the lack of sunshine. The short days got even worse when Daylight Savings Time would end, and it was dark outside before I even got home from work. That really worked on me. Once when we were video chatting with relatives in Florida; it was still daylight when it was dark up home. They live in some really nice Orlando apartments. I was wondering how they could be in the daylight when they are on the same East Coast time. Then I figured it out.

The angle of the sun was now coming up from the Southern Hemisphere where it was now summer. So, they would get a little longer time of daylight even in the winter than we would up north. I was jealous. Read More

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