Helping out My Boss and His New Wife

I think this is wife number four for the boss and the two of them are moving into a new condo, a big three bedroom place at this place called the santorini. I should tell you that my boss is a real character, like something out of a novel in fact. He is a brilliant business person and a great engineer too, but he is a deeply flawed person when it comes to his personal lives. He had the first wife for a couple of months I believe, this was before I was out of diapers probably. They had no kids, but he had a daughter with the next one and two sons with the third one. Read More

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Selling to the Cash for Cars Place Paid My Rent for Months

San Diego Maps and OrientationRent or keep the old car I had parked in the parking garage of the apartment building where I live was the choice I had. I rarely drove it. Mostly I would use it for long trips. Getting around the city was either walking, bicycling or taking the subway. It was just too hectic to drive every day. When I had a wage freeze at work that was going to last for three months along with cutbacks in overtime, I needed extra cash. I looked online for a cash for cars place to sell my used car.

I rely on overtime just to be able to pay my bills. No, I do not like it that things are this way, but it is nevertheless a fact of life. At least I have a job. I did not want to lose my apartment and have to move back home.

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