Got a Free Laptop Today

I do not really need it, but I went ahead and took this laptop from my sister in law. She did not know how to repair errors in the operating system and just went to get a new one. Of course I know very little about repairing laptops, but in this case I was not attached to anything in that laptop and I figured that I would just take the hard drive out and replace it with a solid state drive. I got a really cheap one, with only 128 gigabytes of space and then I reinstalled the operating system. Of course the laptop is about three or four years old and in reality it is hardly worth anything. It was a relatively expensive piece of gear back then, I bet she paid around eight or nine hundred dollars for it. Now you could get a better one for around half as much. Read More

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We Chose Centurylink for Our Internet

When I moved to Texas, I was more concerned about getting started at work than I was about getting my Internet hooked up at the house I was renting. My kids were able to access the Net through their phones, so there was no rush there either. After a few weeks, I decided to start looking at our options as far as accessing the Internet from home was concerned. That is how I came to discover tx centurylink internet. I was doing a search of the different options available in our area, and I saw where I could get any of the four traditional methods.

Since I had only ever had Cable Internet, I wanted to see what the other three options consisted of. I read everything I could about DSL, satellite, and even dial up access. Read More

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