A Novel Use for the Promotional Drink Bottle

It gets a little warm in here on our production line at times. We encourage our employees to keep hydrated. We did need a uniform sort of drinking container so that we could install holders where each employee is at. What we did was to place an order for a type of promotional drink bottle that we could keep on hand. We knew that employees would take them home and forget them for the next shift, so we ordered a lot of them.

It is also no big deal if they need regular replacements for lost or forgotten ones. The bottles have our company name, info and logo on them making them ads that people can carry with them. They also are a great way to keep our employees from getting thirsty between breaks and lunch. They work great and fit perfectly in the holders we had installed. Even our managers are walking around with them since they are much more Eco-freindly than disposable water bottles.

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We’re Buying Sweatshirts for Our Employees

I’ve been put in charge of planning our company picnic this year. I’m so excited! I have just about everything planned out, but there are a few things I need to finalize. I need to finish purchasing promo items to put in our gift bags this year. They’re always very popular, and contain items that our employees really appreciate. We also use these bags to hand out to our vendors and business partners. This year we’ve decided that one of the big items included will be promotional clothing. I just have to decide what exactly that will be.

I’m leaning towards ordering a promotional sweatshirt for everyone to take home. I think it will be very popular, as the weather is going to start getting cold soon.

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I Wanted to Have a Company Logo

York Lubricants professional logo was designed stunningly here at our ...When I decided to create a new letterhead for my business, I knew that I was going to have to come up with a great logo design so people would start associating it with my business. I am pretty good at doodling, but I realized after trying to create the design on my own that it takes more than years of doodling experience to crank out a great business logo. I was not about to admit defeat though, and I did what I do with anything else that I cannot handle on my own.

I looked online, knowing that I was going to contact a professional in this area. I didn’t realize there were so many different ones available, so I took my time in looking at each one.

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